Who are we and what is UPHG’s role?
As the PO, UPHG serves as facilitator, educator and evaluator of participating Practice Units (PUs) progress towards patient centeredness.  The PGIP provides performance incentive payments to POs for participation and performance improvement in selected initiatives.  The performance payment is based on level of performance in relation to benchmarks.  UPHG then distributes these incentives to the PUs based on their performance.

What is Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)?
PCMH is a health care management model developed to strengthen the doctor-patient relationship and improve health care quality by helping primary care doctors and their health care teams more effectively manage their patients’ care. To accomplish this goal, PCMH practices use such features as e-prescribing, chronic disease management, 24-hour access to a clinical decision-maker (MD, DO, PA, or NP) and development of patient registries to track and monitor care. Health care teams work closely with patients to help them set individualized health goals and encourage them to take a more active role in their own health management.  To achieve this office practice transformation is crucial and can take up to 3-5 years.

How can I participate?
Contact our Provider Resource Services team with any questions.  Current UPHG PGIP PUs are required to sign a Participation Agreement which can be found on the UPHG PGIP Data Exchange.

Current UPHG PO Providers:
If you have questions, contact the Provider Resource Services team at UPHGPGIP@uphp.com and an advisor will be in touch.

If you have updates to your Practice Unit (PU), including provider, lead, address or phone number, please complete the UPHG PGIP Practice Unit Update form UPHG PGIP PU Update Form Fillable